Camlorn_audio 0.1

Camlorn_audio is now in a useable form; I am consequently releasing it. It is here.

Note that it's definitely not ready for production use. There are bugs. There are probably crippling bugs, crash bugs, and just about any other type of bug you care to think of.

It will try to automatically set up HRTF. The examples included in the zip are not using a sound that shows it off most usefully. I will be fixing this in future. If you want to know for sure that HRTF is working, add should_use_hrtf = False to the init_camlorn_audio call in the examples. It should sound different and dramatically worse. If you are using a surround system (which should work, but I can't test), HRTF should be failing, but it should use the surround system properly. Also, it is odd but true at least for me: the HRTF effect will be more pronounced the longer you use it, and even more pronounced if you're actually controlling something.

There are still some missing features that I intend to add shortly. This is a very early release compared to what it will be.

Currently, this is Windows only. It is close to working on other platforms, but I am more concerned about features. If someone gets it to work on their platform, let me know-I probably want a diff.

See the readme for contact info. if you find a bug or have a question.