A Development Build of unspoken

As of now, I have taken over development of unspoken, the NVDA add-on replacing messages like "link", "menu", and so on with 3D sound. Bryan Smart gets most of the credit for this add-on, including credit for having the idea and coding it in the first place.

For those who don't know, this add-on uses Camlorn_audio to provide positional information about controls, as well as replace the slower spoken messages. Think Objsounds, only with 3d audio effects and, so i've heard, a lot less latency. If you are using headphones, you should be able to hear sounds on an imaginary screen in front of you; they move up and down as well as left and right. Future versions will allow changing some presentation options-the 3D effect is not quite enough for everyone, and some people want more or less reverb.

This version fixes the following major issues:

  • Battery life on laptops shouldn't nosedive when using Unspoken.

  • Unspoken should now work for those using NVDA in any language.

There is one bug left, but I cannot trigger it reliably. If you have an exception at start-up related to this add-on or if it suddenly stops playing a lot of sounds, keep your NVDA-log and send it to me. Restarting NVDA usually fixes it, and it happens very rarely. Unfortunately, it does not happen enough to be reliably debugged. Even more unfortunately, I cannot make it happen outside NVDA.

Note that the updater is disabled for now.

Anyhow, it is here.