What's Still Needed for Camlorn_audio

This is just a quick update on what's actually left. If someone wants to try to build Camlorn_audio, please feel free to do so. The build instructions should be up to date.

  • First, getting rid of my fork of OpenAL Soft. By default, OpenAL Soft looks for an ini that can override a bunch of stuff, and there are a number of limits that need to be higher in order for it to actually work out well. By default, you only get 255 sources, only 4 auxiliary sends (which basically means effects), and HRTF is not configured. I have a fork that disables the ini loading and provides a method to set these things, but moving forward and tracking the actual OpenAL Soft is annoying at best.

  • Second, the rest of the EFX effects need binding. This needs a lot of manual typing, but shouldn't be too difficult.

  • Third, sound cloning. This is partially done. The idea is that you make a sound with the parameters you want and call clone on it to get another, identical one.

  • Fourth, one-off fire-and-forget playing. This will probably be a class that looks identical to a Sound3D, but with disabled (or no-op) stop and pause methods. The inheritance hierarchy and the fact that this is C++ make it hard to actually remove it on only one class. Alternatively, it may be possible to make this a special method on Sound3D, especially when the sound cloning functionality works.

  • Finally, docs. This is going to be the hardest part. A lot of difficult things need explaining. The API is fine, but the 50 parameters on EAX Reverb all need something at least, and I choose to not count "Go check the OpenAL Spec".

When will it be out? Hopefully soon. It got delayed in favor of some other projects, and I don't promise that it won't again. It is coming, and is currently usable with some dark corners. There will be binaries when I am ready for wider distribution and support.