Some Quick Notes on This Site

Here's just a quick couple things that you ought to know.

First, the comment system has accessibility issues. I am working on this, but the solutions are all suboptimal and it's going to take time. I will see e-mails if you comment. This is hitting NVDA and Firefox the hardest: that combination can't comment, at all. I need to open discussion with Disqus about this as they claim NVDA and Firefox are supported; failing that, I will probably need to write my own or move to WordPress. I can probably get something together, but it's going to take time. For the record, I did manage to comment using NVDA and Firefox when I originally set it up; it has apparently broken since.

Secondly, this blog is set up for MathJax. I'm going to tell you how you view MathJax accessibly in what will probably be the first article in an articles section. It can be done and does not involve MathPlayer. I could use inline LaTeX, but I wish to actually have it look like math; also, the procedure that will work for this web site will work for a miriad of others, not least of which is Stackoverflow. The "official" solutions we're supposed to be using don't work. Specifically why this is the case, and what isn't being done is the discussion of another post.