Some notes on progress

So, I haven't posted in a bit, and figured it was time I did. Here's where i stand.

First, and most importantly, I've managed to compile NVDA from source. This is important for quite a few reasons; most notably that one of my upcoming projects may possibly be to implement some support for Skype. We shall see. I, more generally, wished to be able to talk about it competently and take a look when things break.

Secondly, I've decided on a toolchain. I found WinDBG, which frees me from Visual Studio (at last), and I'm going to either use CMake or Scons. I was looking at MinGW, but it can't make a 64-bit executable and it can't interface with SAPI. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a text editor; I'm very close to rolling my own.

Finally, I've had ideas. First is a roguelike--there's nothing new or exciting here, it'd play a bit like swamp, and be random of course. Not very exciting technologically, but probably fun to play. The second is still in the beta phase--it's not a full idea yet--but it involves Voxels, and if I coded it, it might be the first 3d platformer for the blind. I've got a thread over on asking for thoughts on it. It's far from fleshed out, and I can't even imagine how I'd make a workable level editor for it.