A Camlorn_audio Demo

I finally have a tech demo for Camlorn_audio. It's here. As that recording shows, I also have Reverb, Eax Reverb and Echo. I'm going to implement stuff to make them easy to use at some point. For now, you have to design your own, but I think I'm going to write something that can load them from a file so you can share them with others and the like.

The program to make that demo, including window and keyboard handling, is 95 lines. It uses camlorn_audio and SDL only, and basically allows you to move and manipulate sounds with they keyboard.

Things that are possibly coming in no particular order: streaming, including the ability to stream from the internet. The ability to assign events to sounds so that you can have a function called when important things play, i.e. from a cut scene. Some dynamic environment simulators that change reverb parameters in realtime to simulate hallways and rooms and the like. More things as I think of them, and obviously more examples. Probably a tutorial of some sort very soon, but definitely at some point in the near future.