Downtime 2019-2020

Just a quick note that we had downtime from sometime very late 2019 to now. File linkes are probably broken, but I'll be working to recover them as I can. The VPS hosting this site got dragged into a botnet.

The new box is Digital Ocean and firewalled until/unless I'm deploying to it so this shouldn't happen again. The old VPS was set up in 2013 or earlier, back when I didn't have either money or expertise, and had everything under the sun on it

whether there will be new blog content: I don't know. I have things I might want to write, but don't have the time to write them in. Likewise for a couple new software projects. If I do there'll probably be a rebranding as well. Blindly coding was cool and funny to my 2013 self, but my 2020 self disagrees with this choice.