Fund My Work

Open source software is available to everyone and enables other people to do more than they otherwise could. While my projects may not have the glamor of a web comic or Youtube channel, they affect people in real ways. There are two ways to support me: contributing to my projects or contributing to my financial situation.

While code contributions are certainly welcome, funding is the most important. Open source developers almost never make significant income from their work, even when it begins powering million dollar companies. Should I be unable to fund myself through reaching out to others, I will eventually be forced to seek a traditional job; while there are some options that fund developers to work on open source projects (if not the ones I currently work on), these are few and far between.

If you are making use of code I've written, especially if you are making money off it, send a bit of financial support my way. Even a few dollars helps. In the case of open source software, time isn't money, but money is most certainly time.

The following are some options to fund me. If you prefer an avenue not listed here, e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll happily work something out.

Note: if you fund me on a recurring basis but this isn't through my Patreon, I'm more than happy to fulfill rewards anyway. Get in touch if this is the case.

My Patreon

By far the easiest way to fund me is my Patreon. This is also the easiest way to collect the Patreon rewards.

Send a One-time Contribution

You can send money to me through You can also send directly to [email protected], my Paypal address.


I accept Bitcoin at 1EpvWifAj4jTz1Sq5YVsPj4xcFHB4Zh6E7.

If you want me to set up another cryptocurrency, get in touch.